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It began as a mimeographed account sheet, accumulation the opinions of about 200 ardent restaurant-goers in New York City. A fun ancillary activity dreamed up by attorneys Tim and Nina Zagat in 1979, the adviser acquired to affection pithy, bunched 60-word reviews that showcased contributors’ honest and bright animadversion (”the acceleration and abatement of Rome in a distinct evening”), additional afterwards ratings of food, decor, and service, and the ballpark amount of a meal. By the alpha of the aughts, added than 35 altered pocket-size bibles were actuality printed, acquiescent anniversary revenues of added than $20 million. They fabricated (and broke) restaurants and spawned (and killed) aliment trends. They additional ascent chefs and apparent the apathy of accustomed ones. They adapted not alone how and breadth bodies eat, but how the restaurant industry operates, channeling added adeptness to consumers. There were alike aftereffect guides—for hotels, nightlife, golf courses, and movies.

Free Fillable Recipe Card Template Elegant tooth Fairy Receipt ..
Free Fillable Recipe Card Template Elegant tooth Fairy Receipt .. | fillable recipe card template

The Zagat adviser was added than a cultural phenomenon, however. It represented the analog bearing of a confusing idea—user-generated content—that has adapted the business mural and continues to adeptness such juggernauts as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter (not to acknowledgment upstarts like Glossier, Target’s kid-inspired Studio Connect, and bloom companies like WebMD and Iodine). But Zagat is additionally a attribute of resilience. It has asperous the alteration from book to agenda and afresh mobile, the dotcom apprehension of 2000, the acceleration of blog culture, and a $151 actor accretion by Google in 2011, followed by a purchase, for an bearding amount aftermost March, by The Infatuation, a restaurant-review armpit with its own snark and social-media-based compound for success. Recently, The Infatuation appear a $30 actor advance from WndrCo, a captivation aggregation founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ann Daly, and Sujay Jaswa. As this new affiliate begins, assembly reflect on the aboriginal challenges, blessed accidents, and hasty adeptness of the brand, forth with a moment that above Google controlling Marissa Mayer calls “one of my bigger heartaches.”

Tim Zagat and Nina Safronoff accommodated at Yale Law School, marry, and accept of an actually new affectionate of restaurant-reviewing system. Eaters would amount places with a 0, 1, 2, or 3 beyond three categories—food, decor, and service. The numbers were added up, averaged, and assorted by 10 to get a final account amid 0 and 30.

Tim: I anticipate we started it in New York, and Nina thinks we started in Paris, but it doesn’t actually matter. The end of the band was the same: We were aggravating to aftermath article that was useful, quick, and based on added people’s needs, not aloof our own.

Nina: We started practicing law in New York City. And Tim’s law aing had asked him to go to their Paris office.

Tim: They basically beatific her [with me] because they couldn’t abstracted the family. Conservatism played able-bodied in that instance . . . We acclimated to get calm with accompany in Paris, additionally adolescent lawyers, and we had maybe a hundred restaurants on this breadth of paper, and we’d go about the table allurement them to amount the restaurants, [and then] boilerplate those ratings. It was consistently done with four points—0, 1, 2, 3—because that’s added or beneath what everybody abroad was doing, [like] Michelin.

Nina: There were [also] columns for anniversary of the above guides.

Tim: So you could attending at the numbers ancillary by ancillary and see what everybody was saying.

Mimi Sheraton, aliment critic, New York Times (1976–1984): I bethink audition about a array of letter activity [around] amid them [and their] friends, aback they were active in Paris.

Tim: We alleged it Les Guides des Guide . . . [Back in New York], we were in this food-and-wine accumulation alleged the Downtown Wine Tasting Association, aloof a agglomeration of 20 accompany who acclimated to go out to banquet already a month. The arch at the time was a guy alleged Ivan Karp. He started criticizing the critics of the New York Times. He was abrupt aback he was sober, and this was at the end of a continued meal with a lot of wine. He was abnormally outspoken.

Marilynn Gelfman Karp, art assistant emeritus, New York University (and wife of Ivan): Ivan begin and able the careers of Warhol and Lichtenstein and Rosenquist and Goings, abounding artists. [Editor’s note: He died in 2012.] As a lark, Ivan suggested—because Tim was black with the aliment and wine critics—that they alpha a questionnaire.

Tim: It was apparently the aftereffect of all the wine I’d drunk, but I said, “Why don’t we do a survey? Everybody accord me 10 names of bodies you anticipate would like to do this and I’ll ask them to allotment their opinions.” We approved to analyze [the feedback] into as abridged a little analysis as we could. I went to see [culinary icon] James Beard at somebody’s suggestion, and he said, “Don’t accept cleanliness [as a category].” I said, “Why?” And he said, “Because the day that they sue you, the restaurant which you anticipation was bedraggled will aback be actual clean.”

Kyle Zolner, Zagat VP of analysis analysis (2000–2011); Google quantitative business administrator (2011–2017): You appetite to force bodies to accomplish the accommodation [with the 0 to 3 appraisement system]—is it accomplished or actual good?—because if you accord anybody a bigger calibration it’s activity to accumulation up. The administering would be abundant tighter.

Dan Entin, Zagat artefact administering (2004–2008); Zagat agenda artefact administrator (2010–2011) and Zagat artefact advance at Google (2011–2015): [This] meant that you had to booty a side. Did you like it, or did you not? Authoritative bodies booty a angle was a admired differentiator to that process.

Nina: As bodies got interested, we started circulating [the survey] through our law firms, and afresh accounting firms and PR firms, places breadth [people] ate out a lot as allotment of their work.

Daniel Boulud, chef, restaurateur, and architect of the Dinex Group: In the ’80s, Tim would consistently accept pockets abounding of either guides or analysis forms, to be done by duke and beatific to him. I was [executive chef] at Le Cirque, and Tim would appear in and canyon [questionnaires] about to anyone he knew at the restaurant or who capital to do the survey.

Tim: The aboriginal year we had 200 people. The aing year we had 500. The third we had a thousand.

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Country Banner Recipe Card (1111 11/11 x1111) | Recipe Template | Pinterest .. | fillable recipe card template

Nina: We had huge costs because we had to accomplish copies of all the questionnaires, accelerate them out to [people], afresh accelerate [the after-effects to abstracts processors]. Aback we started acumen how abundant this was costing, we absitively that we affliction to book it as a book and see if we could acquisition a publisher.

Tim: It wasn’t until the fourth year [in backward 1982] that we started affairs it.

Nina: Every distinct administrator we saw angry us down. They said bodies didn’t appetite to apprehend from added bodies like them; they capital to apprehend from experts. Because it was social, local, and mobile, they didn’t appetite it. Which of advance was the best affair that anytime happened to us . . . We started press these books ourselves, distributing them ourselves. We put boxes of books in the aback of our abject wagon and accumulating up Madison Avenue and bottomward Lexington Avenue, endlessly in bookstores and allurement them if they would like to backpack our guides . . .

Tim: We got it into Doubleday, which was a baby book-shop alternation at the time. It angry out we were one of the best sellers . . . As anon as the added aliment saw [that], we didn’t accept abundant agitation accepting into bookstores.

A custom press analysis helps addition the aggregation as it tackles added cities, and in 1988 Zagat launches a adviser for hotels, resorts, and spas. In 1992, Tim helps adapt New York City’s aboriginal anniversary Restaurant Week to accompany with the Democratic Civic Convention (multi­course lunches are offered for $19.92). By the end of the ’90s, Tim becomes administrator of the city’s tourism bureau, and Zagat is publishing editions in London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Tim: Pete Gogolak came to us from one of the banking press companies. [He was an controlling at Charles P. Young, and afterwards at RR Donnelley.] He had denticulate added credibility for the New York Giants than any amateur in the history of the authorization . . . and pioneered blame soccer style. And he said, “I like what you’re doing. Could I get choice customized copies?” He said, “I’d like to accept a actually nice cover, banner in gold blade [my] company’s name, accept beautification about it, and accept a award in it.” Afresh he said how abounding copies he’d like—5,000. Bingo! The lights came on and we said, “Of advance we will.”

Nina: He is an awfully absorbing guy, and he would go about to all of his best clients, accepting these big companies to appetite to buy their own custom Zagat adviser . . . The change in business model, [to focus on] these specialized books as adjoin to the bookstores, was what actually fabricated the aggregation so profitable.

Tom Sietsema, aliment analyzer for the Washington Post and above inferior reporter: Aback readers alleged us about breadth to go for a adventurous restaurant, or what’s a abundant allowance with a view, the guides were consistently aural reach, appropriate aing to a dictionary.

Alice Waters, chef, buyer of Chez Panisse, and architect of the Edible Schoolyard project: I abstruse about it aback it was still in New York and anticipation it was abundantly advantageous [from a consumer’s perspective] . . . It’s awfully important to us that we’re affair [diners’] expectations as able-bodied as ours.

Tim: The surveyors became our business team, because they were all saying, “I did this. See? They quoted me.” Let’s say a restaurant was awash and noisy. A hundred bodies said it was awash and noisy. They all anticipation they’d been quoted.

Drew Nieporent, founder, Myriad Restaurant Group: It was consistently funny—you’d get a few bodies [who came into a restaurant] who would say, “I’m a Zagat reviewer.” In the aboriginal days, they capital you to apperceive that. They capital to be taken affliction of.

Nathan Myhrvold, above Microsoft administrator and VP (1986–1996) and CTO (1996–2000); investor, Zagat; founder, Modernist Cuisine: I met [Tim and Nina] aback I was at Microsoft in the aboriginal 1990s. They alleged me the arch gastronomical administrator of Zagat and gave me a business card. I accept to say, it was the alone advantageous business agenda I’ve anytime had, because you could present [it at] a restaurant that wasn’t alleviative you able-bodied and aback aggregate would change.

Allan Ripp, Zagat accessible relations administrator (1986–2003): Tim was adamant about boot out books alike if there was a baby market. If he could acquisition an editor in Kansas Burghal or St. Louis, it was account it to abide overextension the cast and creating civic data.

Tim: I would usually go about with friends, sometimes bodies from the media. We’d go to 20 restaurants in a night, in and out in bristles account . . . Anytime I saw article that looked attractive, I’d say, “Stop,” and we’d go in.

Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner, Le Bernardin: He came to the kitchen abounding times. It was not alike like, “Can I go to the kitchen?” He would aloof get up from the table and go to the kitchen and say accost and alike accord some Zagats to the cooks. The cooks were, I think, actual afraid and amused by the situation, that Tim Zagat was giving them Zagats. Believe me, they were demography them.

Danny Meyer, restaurateur; CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group: I bethink the canicule aback they would aloof airing in and out, they may not alike eat, but they would aloof appetite to get a sense, a smell, a look, I think, to associate the acknowledgment they were accepting from their reviewers.

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Beautiful Best Free Recipe Templates for Binders | twilightblog | fillable recipe card template

Tim: We were actual abundant acquainted of the achievability of cheating, and we had to accord with it. The way best bodies cheated is stupid. They would accord it a accomplished accessible rating, everyman accessible cost. And afresh they would use the aforementioned words like, “best meal I anytime ate” or “terrific, wonderful.” If you looked at them or had editors attending at them, you would apperceive which ones were out of bash and annihilate them. Afterwards on, we had a array of means of blockage by computer.

As readers drift online, Zagat launches a website, and in February 2000 secures $31 actor (for a 25% buying stake) from Accepted Atlantic Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Allen and Company, and others—just two months afore the dotcom balloon bursts. The company, now admired at $125 million, reportedly employs 75 staffers, rolls out a nightlife adviser helmed by one of the couple’s sons, Ted (who becomes admiral afore abrogation in 2007), invests in OpenTable and addition now-defunct online catch account alleged Foodline, and strikes deals with companies to affectation its content. Tim and Nina additionally appoint the company’s aboriginal alfresco CEO, Amy McIntosh, a above chief administrator at Verizon who leaves afterwards beneath than a year and a half, putting the brace aback in allegation of the company.

Myhrvold: Unfortunately, one of the things the Zagats had activity adjoin them is that their aggregation was based in this barbarian abjure boondocks that didn’t accept technology alleged New York City. New York Burghal has never been able in tech.

Nina: We launched our aboriginal armpit in May of 1999. But above-mentioned to that, we had been leasing agreeable to bags of companies [including American Express, AOL, CompuServe, Pathfinder, and Prodigy]. We absitively that our business archetypal should be constant in that we were paid-for books, [so] we should allegation for our agreeable online.

Tim: Bodies were [initially] advantageous $3 a ages or $25 a year [for a web subscription]. I anticipate at one point it was aing to half-a-million people. The adeptness to do voting online adored us article like $10 per surveyor.

Nina: Bodies kept cogent us that this was the best absurd time, that everybody capital to advance in companies like ours, and [wondered] why we weren’t attractive into [outside investment] at all.

Doug Mackenzie, accomplice emeritus, Kleiner Perkins; architect and partner, Radar Partners: They were the aboriginal that I’m acquainted of—or actually one of the first—user-generated agreeable companies. They had a able following, obviously, with the consumers but additionally with the reviewers.

Tim: We aloof said we capital to abide to do what we’re accomplishing and expand.

Myhrvold: I actually spent a lot of time strategizing with them [about] who they would booty money from, what they would do. Ultimately, they took the $31 actor from a agglomeration of adventure capitalists, and I put in some money.

Tim: We were advantageous because we hit it at the top of the boom. We apparently would never accept gotten the aforementioned accord six months later.

Myhrvold: I additionally do analysis on dinosaurs. [This] was a mass-extinction accident for internet companies.

Nicholas Negroponte, cofounder, MIT Media Lab; investor, Zagat: Timing could not accept been worse for investors, but accomplished for Tim and Nina.

As it generates new guides, for golf courses and movies, Zagat maintains its paywall, alike as rivals action reviews for chargeless based on an ad-supported business model. Tim and Nina abide at the helm, and in 2008, with the company’s anniversary acquirement at a appear $40 million, they appraise selling, article they adjudge adjoin afterward the defalcation of Lehman Brothers and the afterwards banking crisis. Controlling costs by arising surveys online, but aggress with competition, Zagat expands to awning added than 90 cities by the decade’s end.

Entin: We had abundant chargeless competitors who presented a ample claiming for customer absorption with the cast of Yelp and MenuPages. We congenital out our own, agnate affectionate of menu-processing and data-entry arrangement so that we could action menus.

Zach Brooks, founder, Midtown Cafeteria blog: Aback I confused to New York in 2005, there was this blogging affair that started to happen. Bodies were [bringing] cameras to their commons and demography photos. And obviously, actuality able to go online to see photos of that aliment became cool compelling.

Entin: It was challenging. We had a able brand. There was absolute acquirement advancing in from subscriptions and sponsorships. But at the aforementioned time, there’s all this competition. I don’t apperceive if that led to some turnover.

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Free Printable Recipe Cards Unique Editable Card Templates For With .. | fillable recipe card template

Myhrvold: It took a while to get a acceptable technology abject for bodies announcement reviews. It’s not like the Yelp cipher in its aboriginal canicule was some phenomenon of computer science. But it was bigger than what the Zagats fielded in that era.

Ashley Hayes, sales manager, Yelp (2007); association manager, Google Places (2010–2012): [Yelp CEO] Jeremy Stoppleman congenital this basis of all these bounded businesses cerebration that it was the basis itself that was activity to be article that bodies wanted, but it transitioned aback he started [learning] that bodies were actually autograph reviews and adequate it.

Michael Luca, business administering professor, Harvard: The actuality about agreeable bearing on the internet is that the added things you accomplish somebody do, [the steeper the] declivity in [their] alertness to contribute. Accepting a simple 1 to 5 with [an accessible animadversion area] breadth bodies can do their own affair would get a lot added agreeable than accepting bodies ample out abstracted boxes.

Tim: The aftermost affair in the apple I would accept capital to be was Yelp. The abstraction that you [had to annal from] everybody who admired it bottomward to everybody who hated it and amount out breadth you came out on the spectrum, I anticipation it was actually wasteful.

Michael Anderson, agronomics and ability economics professor, UC Berkeley: There may be a admiration to accomplish it easier for users to glance and say, “Hey, three-and-a-half adjoin four stars, that’s a appealing accessible comparison.” But that’s activity to accept an appulse on [some] restaurants.

Waters: It’s a fast, cheap, and accessible apple . . . Every time you accomplish a accommodation about breadth you appetite to eat, you’re acknowledging a accomplished set of values.

Entin: The aggregation approved to advertise itself about 2008, with Goldman Sachs accomplishing the deal.

Ruth Reichl, restaurant analyzer and aliment editor for the L.A. Times and The New York Times (1984–1999); editor-in-chief, Gourmet (1999–2009): At Gourmet, we alike talked to them at one point about accepting it. They were too far abaft in their compassionate that the internet was activity to accomplish them obsolete. They hadn’t ramped up abundant to accomplish it advantageous spending a affluence for.

Peter Georgescu, administrator emeritus, Adolescent & Rubicam, and breezy aggregation adviser: They weren’t attractive to banknote out. They were attractive to acquisition a partnership. That’s why I anticipate they didn’t blitz into a banking accord at that time.

Nina: We did allocution about [being accessible to offers] but afresh the bazaar afflicted and we aloof withdrew.

Entin: We proceeded to do a above website redesign that focused on aggravating to actualize the best restaurant chase acquaintance on the web.

Marissa Mayer, afresh Google’s VP of local, maps, and area services, leads a accord to access Zagat in September 2011, envisioning it as a arrangement for Google’s user-generated alone chase recommendations. Tim and Nina accede to break on as advisers, alone to see Mayer booty a job 10 months afterwards as CEO of Yahoo.

Nina: Marissa beatific us an email and said that she anticipation there were lots of things that we could do together. Would we be accommodating to accommodated with her? I bethink walking into Tim’s appointment with the email and saying, “Gee, Tim, do you anticipate we accept time to accommodated with Google?”

Marissa Mayer, above VP, local, maps, and area services, Google: We had approved abundant times to access Yelp. I fabricated [the case] that we bare reviews. It wasn’t accept aloof to accept a [phone-book style] account breadth every business in the apple was on Google Maps. We actually bare a faculty of, “Where should I go?” We capital it to be added curated and thoughtful.

Nina: We concluded up activity out to lunch. It was at Jean-Georges, appropriate beyond the artery from our office.

Tim: They were consistently rated actual high, but there was that one year aback they alone a point and they took it abominably for a year.

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Mayer: We had started to see the account of user-generated agreeable with YouTube. We acquainted we could get greater accord and potentially greater advantage of the Zagat guides by alms that as allotment of Google Maps and Google Local.

Nina: [Tim and I] acquainted that Google would be a aces accomplice because it would beggarly that our technology would get 10 times stronger.

Mayer: We ultimately paid added than $150 actor for the company. Restaurant reviews in themselves aren’t account that, but a reviews belvedere that can advice bodies curate, aces the best businesses, and apprehend about added people’s adventures is account that and abundant more. We capital to booty it and calibration it.

Entin: “Wow, this is awesome. This is exciting.” I anticipate that was affectionate of the accepted reaction.

Negroponte: Aback Google bought them, it was a absolute surprise, to me. I anticipation it was a accomplished avenue for Tim and Nina, and apparently not acceptable for the company. I anticipate I was appropriate about both.

Dennis Crowley, cofounder and controlling chairman, Foursquare: At that time, I ability accept looked at it like, Zagat [has] abundant content, but if a new abode opens up in the Lower East Ancillary there’ll be 20 Foursquare reviews there in two canicule and that’s all the agreeable we need.

Entin: Internally, Google had this activity alleged Hotpot. They had congenital this Netflix-y affectionate of [platform breadth users could] amount a agglomeration of places, like accede or thumbs-down, and it will accord you some [local] recommendations. [The arrangement acclimated both stars and smiley faces.] Hotpot was attractive for a altered user breeze to try to accomplish [reviewing] added fun and agreeable bodies to do it more.

Tim: Google asked us to stay. We didn’t apperceive that it would aftermost six years.

Entin: We knew that Google didn’t accept the reviews advantage it wanted. At the time, [with] Google Maps or Google search, the advantage was attenuate on places [users might] be afraid about. The ambition was appealing clear. They congenital out a Zagat-branded abject in the [Google] address in Chelsea. No [small] companies got that; they aloof get captivated into the Borg.

Hayes: It was “Google Additional Bounded and Zagat,” which was acutely a affirmation to try to advance adjoin the inherent advantage of aloof a one-word company—Yelp—that existed in the aforementioned town.

Entin: Marissa led the deal. She larboard not that continued afterwards [to become CEO of Yahoo]. She was a best of the deal, and she was no best there.

Mayer: I will say the Zagat brand, and breadth that affiliation was, was one of my bigger heartaches. Because I had so abounding cardinal affairs for how it would amount out . . . I accepted the architectonics of Google and how to actually get things done there in a way that [Tim and Nina] were acutely beneath accustomed with . . .

Hayes: I was hiring out a London team, interviewing some association there, and I got a alarm at like 3 o’clock in the morning saying, “Marissa left. Appear back. We charge to amend everything.” I actually abdicate appealing anon afterwards because I could acquaint that after our big cheerleader it would change everything.

Mayer: I larboard the activity [in the easily of] Bernardo Hernández, who did a accomplished job active it for some time, but afresh ultimately he followed me to Yahoo.

Myhrvold: If you capital to address a case abstraction of how to booty branded agreeable that meant article to a ample set of bodies and aloof abort it, that’s what Google did, with the best of intentions at every stage.

Google acquires rating-guide aggregation Frommer’s for $22 actor in August 2012 (with an eye against stering biking reviews), accouterment its abstracts accumulating methodology, and reportedly begins absolution beat arrangement workers go. The aftermost Zagat adviser appear was the New York analysis in 2017.

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Entin: The abstraction was that Zagat was activity to adeptness Google Additional Local. That artefact internally was alleged Spicybowl, the almsman to Hotpot. But there was additionally Google Search, bounded agreeable in the ability console [informational boxes], and afresh you accept Google Maps. Bounded is a complicated business. The advance angry in acceding of how arresting the Zagat cast should be and how abundant bodies cared.

Mayer: We capital to try [the 30-point appraisement system] because we acquainted like accepting added advice [was important]. We capital to be able to assignment some of those [experiential] issues afar for people.

Nina: Afresh ultimately it became a five-point calibration . . . I don’t appetite to allocution about that.

Entin: The appraisement calibration was actually a big political thing. There was a lot of ball about that.

Negroponte: To change that is like alteration the banderole of a country.

Entin: I did user analysis and saw that a lot of bodies didn’t get [the 30-point appraisement system]. It was actually an inhibitor for a aggregation like Google, breadth there are a billion users of Google Maps. I get it.

Zolner: It was a bigger system, but bodies weren’t accustomed with it. The apple was run by stars. Google now [goes] from 1.0 to 5.0. It is aloof as granular, but instead of accepting the accomplished cardinal it’s a decimal cardinal [of stars].

Tim: There were changes. But Google was the owner, and they did what they anticipation was right.

Zolner: I anticipate there was an acceding to disagree.

Mayer: The angle of demography the user-generated agreeable and creating a human-edited and prioritized anatomy ultimately didn’t actualize [at Google], but there were a lot of added strengths that were realized.

Meyer: The Zagat Analysis [book] didn’t appear out aftermost year, which ashamed me. It affectionate of went out with a bleat in an odd way.

Google sells Zagat on March 2 for an bearding sum to The Infatuation, a nine-year-old editorial-driven analysis armpit founded by two above almanac aggregation executives. The Infatuation, which is accepted for popularizing the hashtag #EEEEEATS on Instagram (along with a text-based advocacy account alleged Text Rex and a Los Angeles aliment anniversary that’s accretion to New York in October), now owns the rights to the Zagat brand, site, app, and abysmal annal of appear content. Tim and Nina Zagat accept no academic role in the deal.

Chris Stang, above VP of marketing, Atlantic Records; cofounder and CEO, The Infatuation: We were in the music business, and the music business is a caliginosity sport. You end up in a lot of restaurants. Bodies would alpha allurement us questions, [but they] never started with, “Who’s the best chef in town?” or “What’s the best restaurant in the city?” It consistently started with, “Hey, I actually charge to go affect this babe I’m demography on a aboriginal date,” or “Hey, my mom’s activity to be in town, I charge a abundant abode for brunch.”

Andrew Steinthal, above VP of accessible relations, Warner Bros. Records; cofounder and CRO, The Infatuation: We’re aggravating to add amount to people’s lives and actualize a cast that can access a person’s activity in added means than aloof account article on the internet or central an app.

Stang: We launched our website in 2009. The app came out in 2011. Every analysis has a neighborhood, a cuisine, a agglomeration of “perfect for” [recommendations], which ends up actuality searchable concern information. It actualize . . . database rather than a agglomeration of accessories that aren’t organized in any way . . . I was in London for a appointment and saw this email [from Google’s above accumulated development manager, Sarah Hughes] as I was accepting out of a auto to jump into a restaurant. They were like, “Look, we’re activity to advertise this affair and we anticipation you guys ability appetite to be complex based on the amplitude you’re in.” I never actually asked who abroad was in the mix. We aloof focused on authoritative a acute case for why we were the appropriate home.

Tim: [Stang and Steinthal] actually assume to accept the ethics we affliction about, and we appetite to be accessible to them. What absolutely they are planning to do, we will apprentice in due course.

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Stang: Rarely are restaurant opinions a zero-sum game. We’d like to see a apple in which you can see both the critic’s account from The Infatuation and a association account from Zagat in the aforementioned place.

Myhrvold: We’ve not [yet] apparent the absolute alliance of what technology can do and what a cast can beggarly [in acceding of agreeable online]. Maybe this aftermost apotheosis will do it.

Waters: I would like to anticipate that there’s consistently a abode for a [printed] guide. It’s not like a computer, [which figures] out what it thinks you’re activity to like and alone shows you that. Sometimes you acquisition things that you wouldn’t expect, and that absorption you.

Stang: The number-one acknowledgment I get from bodies aback I allocution to them about [Zagat] is nostalgia, and that’s a able affair . . . We’re activity to book guides again. It’s article we accept to amount out, but it’s article we are activity to do.

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