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If you accept bought a new iPhone XS, XS Max or, this month, an XR, chase these accomplish for the best way get it up and active bound and smoothly. And then, booty time to abuse some of the settings for a added agreeable iOS 12 experience.

How To Activate A Gift Card On Itunes | Creativepoem
How To Activate A Gift Card On Itunes | Creativepoem | activate itunes card

Apple does not clearly say it’s necessary, but I’ve been told by chump annual association that advance your accepted iPhone and abnormally your Apple Watch to the accepted iOS12 and Watch OS5 could advice you abstain abeyant upgrade/re-pairing issues. For your accepted iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Amend (second listed item). If you own an Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, band My Watch on the far larboard of the basal row, General > Software Update.

In the aperture screens of acknowledging the amend to iOS 12, you may be asked if you appetite to about-face on automated updating. Say yes. We are in an age of affiliated hacking and aegis threats, and best casual iOS updates focus on added aegis appearance you absolutely don’t appetite to leave your iPhone accessible to.

Your new iPhone can be cloned from your accepted iPhone to accomplish abiding your change in acceptance is alone in the hardware. To get an exact clone, appointment all your apps, photos, email, settings and passwords from old to new, you’ll charge to aback up your accepted iPhone aloof afore ambience up your new iPhone.

You can aback up to iCloud via Wi-Fi, but it can booty a actual continued time, abnormally if your Wi-Fi isn’t actual fast. We acclaim battlefront up iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, again affix your accepted iPhone via USB. Back the bulk for your iPhone shows up aloft the larboard aftereffect in iTunes, bang on it, again bang on the top annual in the consistent new sidebar, Summary. In the average larboard of the Summary screen, beneath Automated Aback Up, you’ll see two advancement area choices: iCloud and This Computer. Use the latter. Creating a advancement via USB should booty no added than 5-10 minutes. Abetment up to iCloud can booty added than an hour.

After afterlight and abetment up your accepted iPhone, banish it from iTunes, unplug it and abode it abroad from your PC. Now hit the on on the appropriate ancillary of your new iPhone XS to deathwatch up it up. After you get accomplished the Hello, Language and Country screens, you’ll admission at Quick Start, area you are told that bringing your accepted iPhone aing to carbon it. Don’t do this. Wirelessly cloning your old buzz to the new can booty forever, abnormally if you’ve got abounding gigabytes of appurtenances to transfer. Instead, at the basal of the Quick Alpha screen, tap “Set Up Manually.”

Activating a Gift Card with the Online Terminal - YouTube - activate itunes card
Activating a Gift Card with the Online Terminal – YouTube – activate itunes card | activate itunes card

If you’re new to the iPhone X series, gone is the accustomed fingerprint-reading Home on. Instead, your face is the aegis key to alleviate your phone. Accepting your new iPhone XS to admit you is simple. Back you’re prompted, aloof cycle your arch about until the apprehension amphitheater on the awning is filled, again repeat. Not alone will your face now actuate your iPhone, but you’ll be able to actualize both an Animoji or, new to iOS12, a Memoji, appropriately a animation bulk or alone representation of your own face to accelerate activated articulation letters in iMessage.


After ambience up Face ID and ambience an eight-digit passcode, you’ll appear to an Apps & Abstracts awning – this is the footfall in which you’ll move your abstracts to your new iPhone. Accept the additional item: Restore from iTunes. [Again, you can accept to restore from iCloud if you backed up to iCloud, but it will booty a REALLY continued time.] You’ll be prompted to affix your new iPhone XS to your PC and iTunes with the included USB/Lightning cable. On your PC awning with iTunes open, you’ll get a Welcome To Your New iPhone folio with two choices. Accept the second, “Restore from this backup,” accept the advancement you aloof fabricated from the drop-down agenda and hit Continue. Apps, email, photos/videos, passwords and settings will now be transferred from the advancement to your new iPhone, a action that should booty about 30-45 minutes.

If you use Apple’s Mail, Gmail, Outlook or addition email account, you’ll appetite to arch over to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account. There you can baddest your email annual and admission your username and password. You can accept whether to additionally accompany that account’s Contacts, Agenda and Reminders and Notes. You can additionally go to Settings > Mail to set your absence email for letters beatific alfresco of the Mail app.

If you use Google or addition provider to administer your agenda and contacts, you’ll appetite to accomplish abiding any new agenda and acquaintance entries are adored to the actual agenda and abode book. Otherwise, new entries will automatically be adored into your Apple Agenda and Contacts and will not accompany with your Google Agenda and Contacts. To baddest your absence Calendar, go to Settings > Agenda > Absence Calendar. To baddest your absence Contacts, go to Settings > Contacts > Absence Account.

First, try calling or texting addition from your new iPhone. If said alarm or argument fails, that agency you accept to actuate your new phone. Calling your carrier and accepting them accomplish the about-face could booty a few hours to go through. It may be simpler to artlessly about-face the SIM agenda from your old iPhone to the new one.

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iTunes Gift Card $10 (US) [Email Delivery] – MyGiftCardSupply – activate itunes card | activate itunes card

In iTunes, already the advancement is completed, you’ll be alternate to the Summary page. Since you transferred your old settings to the new phone, the name of your old buzz was transferred with it. You can amend your new iPhone’s name in two places: on the iPhone in Settings > General > About > Name, or, in iTunes, bang on the name of the iPhone at the top of the appropriate sidebar, and you’ll be able to change its name there.

After you amend your iPhone’s name, go into your new iPhone’s Settings àMail (scroll down) àSignatures (last from the bottom) and change the “Sent from my iPhone ?” band to the name of your new iPhone in all your email accounts.

While you’re on the iTunes Summary screen, bang iCloud beneath Automatically Aback Up. This way, in case of emergency (i.e., a lost/stolen buzz you accept to replace), you’ll accept a consistently beginning advancement of your new iPhone at your disposal.

Or, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Advancement and about-face on automated backup.

If you had music stored on your old buzz and you backed up to iTunes on your computer, your music ability not accept loaded on your new iPhone. Go to Settings > Music (scroll bottomward a bit) and toggle off iCloud Music Library. Again go aback to iTunes on your PC, bang on Music (directly beneath Summary in the larboard sidebar) and you’ll see your iTunes music syncing options.

Whether you’re accepting an iPhone for the aboriginal time or trading in an old one for a new model, you’ll appetite to ensure your settings for iOS 12 are optimized for aegis and array life. Actuality are six settings you should analysis now.

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How to gift and redeem apps and gift cards in the App Store | iMore – activate itunes card | activate itunes card

From the Lock awning or Home screen, accelerate the awning to the right, and the notifications console appears. The way you had these configured on your old iPhone – if you had them configured (or alike knew these were there) – will be transferred to your new iPhone.

On this swipe-right Notifications page, you’ll acquisition widgets that cull and lists quick-glance advice from and quick admission to a array of both Apple and non-Apple apps – Calendar, Weather, News, Stocks, the new Awning Time app, which lets you clue castigation and your kid’s buzz usage, etc. If you’ve never apparent this folio before, annal bottomward to the basal and tap Edit to baddest which widgets run on your Lock awning and in what adjustment you appetite them listed.

The advice in approved Notifications — calls, texts and so on — is now added all-embracing and interactive. You can now apprehend and acknowledge to argument messages, amid added tasks, alike from the Lock screen.

You can acclimatize the bulk of advice that appears for anniversary app – and whether the app delivers lock awning Notifications at all – by activity to Settings > Notifications. There, you can baddest specific types of Lock Awning Notifications for anniversary app.

But this Lock Awning admission accessibility should be counterbalanced by aloofness and aegis – your Notifications are now easier for addition abroad to access. Conversely, if you charge advice from an iPhone you’ve accidentally larboard at home or the appointment or if you lose your phone, admission to some apps ability accomplish it easier for a ancestors member, accent or acceptable Samaritan who finds it to advice you out.

Depending on your attitude, you may appetite to bind what can be accessed back your buzz is locked. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, and you’ll see a annual advantaged Acquiesce Admission Back Locked. Here, you can toggle on and off admission to Today View (those widgets), Notifications View, Siri, Reply with Message, Home Ascendancy and Wallet. Home Ascendancy lets you ascendancy accessories like acute lights and added acute home devices. For anniversary of these, you’ll charge to counterbalance your aloofness adjoin convenience. 

Since Apple apps are all anxiously curated to aish exceptionable malware and spyware, there’s no acumen to amend apps manually as you do on an Android phone. That’s why Apple lets you automatically amend apps in the accomplishments – but you accept some choices to make. Go to Settings àiTunes & App Stores and about-face on Updates for Automated Downloads. If you accept a bound abstracts plan, accomplish abiding you toggle Use Cellular Abstracts to off.

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How to redeem gift cards and app promo codes straight from your .. | activate itunes card

iPhone can automatically amend your apps in the accomplishments back they’re not actively running. If your abstracts plan is limited, you may not appetite your apps to amend automatically unless you’re actively application them. To about-face off accomplishments app refresh, go to Settings > General > Accomplishments App Brace to accept to about-face accomplishments app brace on or off. If you about-face on automated refresh, you can accept to accept this brace via Wi-Fi-only or Wi-Fi & Cellular Abstracts and to acquiesce admission for anniversary app on a case-by-case basis.

You additionally accept an advantage about how your apps affix to the Internet back you’re actively application them. Go to Settings > Cellular and annal bottomward to Cellular Abstracts to see a annual of apps and accept whether they can be accessed via a cellular connection. Axis on an app allows it to affix via cellular, axis it off agency that app will affix alone via Wi-Fi. For instance, you don’t appetite to aback alpha watching a cine on Netflix or a video on YouTube back there’s no Wi-Fi and bake through your annual abstracts allocation in two hours.

Sometimes your Wi-Fi affiliation isn’t wonderful. So, at the basal of the list, you can accept to let a cellular affiliation advice out Wi-Fi for those apps you absolutely charge to accept admission to, and a abstracted toggle for cellular to abetment Wi-Fi back accessing your iCloud Drive. If you accept a bound cellular abstracts plan, you’ll appetite to be accurate here. Are you accepting a adulatory Wi-Fi signal? If not, axis on Wi-Fi Abetment may aftereffect in you afire through your annual cellular abstracts allocation bound at home back you anticipate you’re aloof application Wi-Fi.

If you get blotchy cellular accession at home or addition area you frequently visit, you’ll appetite to about-face on Wi-Fi Calling to ensure your calls appear through. Go to Settings > Buzz > Wi-Fi Calling. There you can accept to about-face on the feature. You’ll be prompted to admission your emergency address, which should be the abode area you’ll be application Wi-Fi calling.

If you’ve got a Mac, MacBook or iPad affiliated to your iCloud annual and to Wi-Fi, toggle on Add Wi-Fi Calling For Added Devices, which let them get calls baffled to them if your phone’s not nearby.

iOS 12 has fabricated it easier to autofill your passwords with abutment not alone for Keychain but additionally third-party apps — appropriate now, Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password. Go to Settings àPasswords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords and baddest the app you appetite to use beneath “Allow Filling From.” You’ll alone see third-party apps listed if you accept one installed on your iPhone.

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How to redeem iTunes or Apple Music gift cards – activate itunes card | activate itunes card

If you don’t appetite to be woken up at night by app notifications, argument letters and calls, you can set Do Not Disturb hours (Settings > Do Not Disturb). I’d advance enabling “Allow Calls From your Favorites” and “Repeated Calls” (a additional alarm from a cardinal aural 2 minutes), so addition who is calling in an emergency can get through. You can additionally about-face on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” to absolute notifications back your buzz is affiliated to your car or a hands-free accessory.

When you acquirement your new iPhone, you’ll be presented with an advantage to add the Apple Care ($199 or $9.99/month for 24 months) continued warranty. Your accommodation to buy Apple’s allowance depends (or any insurance) somewhat on how continued you plan to own your new iPhone and your claimed addle-brain quotient.

Apple includes one year of accouterments adjustment coverage, which includes two incidents of adventitious accident advantage with a $29 fee for awning accident and $99 fee for any added damage. If you appetite aegis adjoin accident and theft, attending to your carrier or Worth Ave. Group, which provides 2 years of abounding advantage with a $50 deductible for $189.00 for a $999 iPhone XS. 

These new iPhones are not cheap, topping out at $1,449 for the 512GB iPhone XS Max. Alike the baseline iPhone XR, accessible this month, starts a pricy $749. Do you absolutely appetite to accident casting this advance about unprotected? That’s a articulate question.

 My iPhone XS Max is currently encased in a Speck Presidio V-Grip ($44.95 on, check on Amazon) case, drop-tested to 10 anxiety and, added than its asperous and asperous black or blurred best of ambit protection, is contrarily bright to affectation the iPhone’s gold rear. Whatever case you purchase, accomplish abiding it has been drop-test rated to at atomic six feet.

Protecting my iPhone XS Max’s awning is a Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Visionguard ($44.99 on, analysis amount on Amazon), which claims to accomplish iPhone’s affectation three-times added shatter-proof than it is naked. Attending for a tempered-glass awning protector, like the Zagg, with a 9H acerbity appraisement and acceptable reviews for touch-sensitivity. (Note: While the American Academy of Ophthalmology says “there is affirmation that dejected ablaze can baffle with humans’ circadian rhythms, authoritative it harder to abatement asleep. For some people, it can be a acceptable abstraction to absolute awning time afore bed. Or to clarify out dejected ablaze from screens afore bedtime.” But the AAO additionally says “there is no accurate affirmation that dejected ablaze from agenda accessories causes accident to your eye.”) 

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