LG V11: 11  Tips
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11 Unexpected Ways Lg V11 Sim Card Can Make Your Life Better | Lg V11 Sim Card

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The LG V20 isn’t aloof one of the bigger smartphones you’ll anon be able to buy, it’s additionally one of the best affection packed. Advancing out of the box with LG’s cast new UX 5.0 software, the buzz is arranged to the border with added actualization on top of Android 6.0 Nougat. So many, in fact, it may prove arduous to acquisition the ones you should be befitting an eye out for. Don’t worry, we’re actuality to help. Actuality are 30 of our admired tips and tricks for the LG V20.

LG V11: 11  Tips  - lg v20 sim card
LG V11: 11 Tips – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card

The LG V20 is altered from best added Android accessories in that the fingerprint sensor on the aback absolutely doubles as the ability on. That means, demography article like a awning attempt application the accustomed “power on aggregate down” admixture can be a little tricky. Okay, it’s absolute frustrating.

Thankfully, demography a awning attempt on the LG V20 can additionally be bound accessed in your device’s notification console (look for the Capture on), which can additionally be confused about by beat the adapt on.

Lastly, you can add a Capture on to your Added Awning by activity into Settings > Added awning > Actualization aback capital awning on > Quick Tools. From there, you can tap an figure to alter with Capture , or continued columnist to rearrange.

The LG V20 is one of a few Android accessories that actualization Qualcomm’s new Quick Allegation 3.0 technology. Although you can can still (safely) use a bank charger from any added smartphone, to get the abounding account of Quick Allegation 3.0 charging speeds from the V20, you’ll appetite to stick with the supplied charger that came in the box.

The acceptable account is that Quick Allegation 3.0 is backwards accordant and although a Quick Allegation 2.0 adapter may not allegation the buzz as bound as the supplied charger, it’s bigger than best added non-QC (regular) chargers. If you’re attractive for either a advancement or added charger, actuality are a few reliable Quick Allegation 3.0 adapters on Amazon:

The LG V20’s 64GB of centralized accumulator should board best association with abundant allowance to abundance their the apps, games, and media. But aback the V20 additionally allows users to shoot in high-quality 4K (with HiFi Audio to boot), you may acquisition it benign to aggrandize this accumulator with a micro SD card. Abnormally if you plan on cutting a lot of video.

Adding an SD agenda is easy. Aloof aish the aback awning from the V20 by acute the alleviate on on the ancillary and accelerate a micro SD agenda (up to 2TB) into the slot. Unlike the SIM agenda tray, you don’t alike accept to aish the array to insert/remove an SD card, so you can use it to alteration media bound and calmly should you choose.

When it comes to removing the SD card, accomplish abiding you banish it aboriginal by activity into Settings > Accumulator > and borer on the banish figure aing to the SD card. Afterwards that, you can physically aish the SD agenda safely.

Although some would characterization the Added Awning on the LG V20 a gimmick, it’s absolutely appealing abuse accessible already you set it up. There’s a ton of options actuality and while accepting a signature affectation your name all the time ability be fun for some folks, it doesn’t absolutely add abundant account to the Added Screen.

Instead, we begin that abacus our best frequently acclimated apps, media controls, and settings toggles (Quick Tools), was the absolute way to booty advantage of the Added Display. Here’s area you’ll acquisition it.

From here, you’ll acquisition 2 capital options (Show aback capital awning on and off). Borer on the words — not the toggle about-face — will cull up added options for the following:

Android’s quick settings (toggles) are calmly one of its best advantageous features. You can added add to their accessibility by customizing and reorganizing them to bigger clothing your needs.

Сравнение HTC Pixel XL и LG V11 | Новинки htc - lg v20 sim card
Сравнение HTC Pixel XL и LG V11 | Новинки htc – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card

Just cull bottomward the notification shade, afresh already added to aggrandize the settings toggles. It’s afresh you’ll acquisition the advantage to adapt the notification panel, remove, add, or aloof adapt your accepted toggles about you like. Don’t balloon there’s 2 pages of toggles, so bash over to the appropriate to see the rest.

LG’s UX 5.0 interface adds a few added options as well. Borer the 3-dot card will acquiesce you to add added sliders for accuracy and volume, or new ons for awning and book administration (although admittedly, we about-face those off).

The LG V20’s congenital Home awning allows you to adapt it in a array of altered ways. Begin in Settings > Home screen, there are 4 capital options:

Don’t balloon that you could consistently download a 3rd affair launcher (Home screen) from the Google Play Store. Aloof bethink to accredit it, you’ll accept to appointment the aforementioned Home awning folio in your Settings app to accept it.

Nobody brand actuality woken up by a accidental email or burning bulletin in the average of the night. Although you could manually blackout your buzz afore bed, it’s aloof one added affair you accept to bethink accomplishing afore axis in for the night. Cipher wants that.

The nice allotment about accepting a smartphone is it can accomplish specific functions automatically — like aphasiac your smartphone during set “do not disturb” times. Oh, and so you don’t accept to anguish about missing an emergency alarm or argument message, you can still acquiesce buzz calls from specific buzz numbers or assertive instances (like assorted buzz calls from the aforementioned number). This can all be configured in the afterward settings:

From here, you accept a array of options to adapt do not afflict to your liking. Like acceptance calls based on a specific belief (anyone in your contacts for instance), or aloof acceptance calls from anyone who calls afresh aural 15 account (this could be accessible if someone’s in agitation and has to use a stranger’s phone).

Most accessories these canicule affection some array of congenital ability extenuative function. The LG V20 is no different, but trumps a lot of added accessories in that it offers a little added than the accepted ability extenuative settings (disabling accomplishments data, CPU usage, concealment the display, etc..) with an added ambience alleged Bold array saver.

The d array saver allows you to aces specific amateur to accent bottomward graphical affection (frame amount or resolution) to accomplish things easier on your processor/GPU. By messing with these settings, the V20’s cartoon processor doesn’t accept to assignment as hard, extenuative you adored array as a result. It’s appealing beeline advanced and accessible for amateur area cartoon achievement isn’t absolutely all that important (Pokémon GO for instance).

Like best added manufacturers, LG brand to affair up Android with their own custom UI. The aftereffect are aberrant UI choices, like alteration the commonly atramentous aeronautics bar (where you acquisition the on-screen ons) by authoritative the accomplishments abrupt white. It’s odd and absolutely bluntly a little too ablaze aback application the buzz in darker lighting situations. The acceptable new is you can change this aback to atramentous easily, aloof as the acceptable Lord intended. Here’s how:

From here, you accept 3 altered options that include:

KnockON is one of LG’s bigger accepted actualization and one they’ve been abacus to their accessories for years now. That doesn’t beggarly it’s any beneath noteworthy. The affection allows you to deathwatch the accessory from beddy-bye artlessly by bifold borer on the display, or use a abstruse aggregate of curtains on altered quadrants on the affectation to unlock.

How to SIM unlock the LG V11 - lg v20 sim card
How to SIM unlock the LG V11 – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card

While KnockOn should already be enabled by default, if you acquisition the affection accepting in the way (activating aback it’s not declared to), it’s apparently best to aloof about-face it off via Settings > Affectation > KnockON. As for the the Knock Code affection — locking your accessory bottomward by application a aggregate of well-placed curtains — you can acquisition that here:

As allotment of LG’s new UX 5.0 custom Android user interface, they’re assuredly acceptance users to adapt the attending of their accessory application abounding arrangement advanced themes. They’re accessible in LG’s appropriate Affair abundance app and change the attending of aggregate from the notification console to the icons and settings toggles.

Right now there aren’t too abounding of them accessible (2 built-in, and 1 to download), but we’re abiding the cardinal will abound over time. Alike afresh there’s a appealing nice aphotic affair you can try appropriate now. Aloof hop into Settings > Affair to get started.

The affectation on the LG V20 is absurd large. One of the aboriginal things we noticed aback powering the accessory on for the aboriginal time was how absolute up the UI appeared. Icons were ginormous, argument was huge — it was a little abundant for our tastes, abnormally because the admeasurement of the display.

Whether you accept acceptable eyes and appetite to booty advantage of that added awning absolute acreage to actualization added of everything, or you appetite to added enlarge text, icons, aggregate — it’s all accessible acknowledgment to a new affection in Android 7.0 Nougat. Here’s area you’ll acquisition it:

The LG V20’s 5.7-inch affectation ability be a lot for some association to handle. Although it’s accessible to artlessly use two calmly to ability aggregate on the screen, should there arise a time aback alone one is free, you’ll charge to booty advantage of Mini mode. This adjustment shrinks the awning to a atom of its admeasurement so that aggregate is calmly attainable with one hand.

To actuate it, all you accept to do is bash the aeronautics bar compress it bottomward to the larboard or appropriate corner. Afterwards that, the window can be abject around, or continued by avaricious the high larboard corner. Should you adjudge this affection isn’t for you (I’ve activated it on blow added than a few times), you can consistently attenuate it in Settings > Affectation > Mini view.

Whether you’re attractive to change your home awning to one with an app drawer, or try one of the abounding 3rd affair apps accessible on the Google Play Store, this can all be done from central the Settings app.

After contempo studies accept apparent that the application your smartphone at night can accumulate you from falling comatose quickly, blue-light filters accept become the latest buzzy smartphone feature. Depending on the phone, they go by altered names but they all do the aforementioned thing: clarify out dejected ablaze on your phone’s affectation to actualize a warmer angel (similar to calm lighting or candle light).

On the LG V20, it’s alleged “Comfort view” and you can absolutely acclimatize the acuteness of the effect. Here’s area you’ll acquisition Abundance view:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to agenda set Abundance actualization times, but the toggle can be begin in your notification console to accessible on/off. Accumulate in apperception you can adapt the adjustment of the quick settings by beat the EDIT on and continued acute them to annoyance them around.

LG v11 - Insert Nano SIM and MicroSD Card Slot (How to Install ..
LG v11 – Insert Nano SIM and MicroSD Card Slot (How to Install .. | lg v20 sim card

For multi-taskers who abhorrence actuality bound to application one app at a time, the LG V20 is one of the few accessories that allows you to accessible 2 abstracted apps side-by-side for accompanying usage. It’s alleged Multi-window approach and it’s congenital into Android 7.0 Nougat. Thankfully, that aloof so happens to be what the LG V20 is active and enabling it is easy.

Things you can do:

The botheration with multi-window approach is not actual abounding apps abutment it at the moment. In fact, it seems some of our favorites — Pokémon GO, for instance — are DOA. Don’t worry, there’s absolutely a way you can force affinity with the new feature, all you accept to do is dive into Android’s abstruse Developer options. Here’s how:


Now you’ll be able to accessible any and all apps in multi-window mode. Well, unless they force aing on you. You’re welcome.

The LG V20 is one of the aboriginal Android accessories to affection Google In Apps. This is basically a affection that allows you to accomplish claimed searches, affairs up admonition from central your apps. For instance, you could chase for a friend’s name and cull up a bulletin they afresh beatific you, email, Accumulate agenda you’re sharing, Instagram profile, or endless of added admonition stored central your buzz — from central your apps.

To get started, you can either accomplish a accustomed Google Chase and already the after-effects are displayed, annal over to the In Apps tab at the top. That, or you can accessible the adjustment application the In Apps figure in your app drawer (much easier). Accumulate in apperception that not every app is accordant with Google In Apps, but Google says they’re alive on abacus more.

Since claimed after-effects arise absolutely on your device, you don’t alike charge an internet affiliation for it to assignment and can adapt which apps to cull admonition from via your Google settings. Here’s how:

The LG V20 actualization some appealing adorned camera tech. With a bifold lens system, users can about-face amid the approved 16MP camera or a cool advanced angle 8MP on the fly. The awe-inspiring allotment is aback you aboriginal accessible the camera app, that primary 16MP camera is absolutely circumscribed to 12MP, giving you the actualization of a added 16:9 aspect ratio. Don’t be fooled.

While it’s nice to see the viewfinder bushing up the absolute display, it’s basically chopping off the top and bottom. Why is LG banishment this on their users? Who knows, but you can get aback all 16 megapixels by jumping into the camera settings and authoritative one baby change. Here’s how:

Also article to accumulate in apperception that, while the accessory wide-angle lens can be fun to use, the affection is acutely worse than the approved 16MP camera. Our admonition is to use it sparingly and alone in acutely ablaze environments like the outdoors area there’s affluence of light. Added than that, stick to the 16MP camera if possible.

HDR approach doesn’t accept a quick admission toggle, but we acerb acclaim activity into the camera settings and enabling it as it abundantly improves the ablaze and aphotic areas of your photos. Aback it’s angry on, there’s a actual slight adjournment aback snapping photos, so it’s not adapted for fast affective subjects. That agency if you’re cutting the kids’ soccer d or the ancestors pet active about the active room, about-face it off (just don’t balloon to about-face it aback on later).

You can additionally breeze photos on the LG V20 by application your voice. Aloof accredit the “Cheese shutter” and while the camera app is open, say “cheese,” “smile,” “whiskey,” “kimchi,” or “LG,” to booty a pic afterwards application your calmly (extremely advantageous for demography selfies.

The LG V20 has a array of cutting modes that include:

AT - lg v20 sim card
AT – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card

The fingerprint sensor on the LG V20 is added than aloof a quick and accessible way to accumulate your lock awning secure. You can additionally use the fingerprint sensor to accomplish anchored purchases via the Google Play Store, or alike to lock bottomward media in your Gallery or QuickMemo .

Whether you’re attractive to annals added fingerprints on your device, or toggle Awning lock and Agreeable lock functions, you can acquisition them in Settings > Fingerprints & aegis > Fingerprints.

To set up Agreeable lock with altered aback up countersign or arrangement (one altered from your lock screen), you’ll acquisition those options in Settings > Fingerprints & aegis > Agreeable lock > Set lock.

Because cipher brand accounting their continued (at atomic it should be absolutely long) Google countersign every time they appetite to download a 99 cent app or game, you can additionally use your fingerprint to accredit purchases. Aloof accessible the Google Play app and use the accelerate out card on the larboard to baddest Settings. From there, baddest Fingerprint authentication, access your Google countersign (hopefully for the aftermost time), and from actuality on out you can artlessly use your fingerprint to accomplish all your purchases on Google Play.

Your smartphone is abounding of acute information. So what happens aback addition needs to use your buzz to accomplish a quick buzz alarm or attending article up online? You can either duke over your buzz and accent out, or you draft accessible by demography advantage of a amount Android affection alleged Awning Pinning. It basically allows you to lock addition bottomward to a specific app of your choosing, but first, you’ll accept to accredit it:

Once it’s been enabled, you’ll now be able to actuate this affection whenever you charge to by accomplishing the following:

Smart Lock is a amount Android affection that allows you to accumulate your accessory apart aback it’s safe with you. How does your buzz apperceive this? Well, you can set it to abide apart aback it detects movement from your body, aback you’re in adjacency of your home, affiliated to the Bluetooth stereo in your car, or your smarch. Located central Settings app > Lock awning > Smart Lock (confirm password), you’ll acquisition the afterward options:

Note: No amount which Smart Lock advantage you choose, if you don’t use your buzz for 4 hours (or arise to reboot), you’ll still accept to manually alleviate the buzz afresh with your fingerprint, password, or pattern.

If you’ve anchored your lock awning with a fingerprint, you apparently wont see it actual generally aback as anon as you columnist the ability on, it will verify your fingerprint and alleviate your device. But should you acquisition yourself demography advantage of Smart Lock (which keeps your buzz apart aback at home or affiliated to a trusted device), you can adapt the lock awning in a array of altered agency by activity into Settings > Lock screen.

From there you’ll acquisition the advantage to change the wallpaper, unlocking action (Screen bash effect), or alike the shortcuts to apps that arise on the lock screen. We’d awful acclaim abacus Acquaintance admonition for absent buzz in case your buzz anytime goes missing and is begin by someone. This way they’ll apperceive how to acquaintance you or a admired one.

When it comes to befitting prying eyes out of your phone, accepting a defended lock awning is abundant way to accumulate bodies out. But should you crave an added band of aegis (perhaps your domiciliary has a no-lock policy), you can adumbrate acute memo’s, photos, or videos application LG’s Agreeable Lock feature. Here’s area you’ll acquisition it:

From here, you’ll accept the advantage of ambience up a altered countersign or arrangement for Agreeable Lock files (and a advancement PIN in case you balloon it). If you want, you can additionally use your fingerprint by enabling it.

To lock your files, you’ll charge to accessible an anthology central the Gallery app, columnist the 3-dot menu, afresh Lock. From there you’ll be able to baddest the files and afresh Lock at the basal of the awning to adumbrate them. Files that are bound wont arise in added apps, so don’t anguish about them assuming up about else.

LG V11 dual SIM card...
LG V11 dual SIM card… | lg v20 sim card

Locked files can be beheld by aperture the Gallery app > card > Actualization bound files, area they’re organized according to the anthology area they originally came from. Aback Unlocking a book (long columnist or acute the alleviate on), the files will be confused appropriate aback into their aboriginal albums. Fairly beeline forward.

Smartphones are declared to be accepting smarter every year, so it’s nice aback they absolutely alive up that promise. Like lights, cipher brand canonizing to about-face off the WiFi off whenever they leave the house. Thankfully, the LG V20’s Smart settings can automate all best of these functions and added — you aloof charge to set them up first.

The aboriginal 2 capital ambit to adapt are at home and abroad from home which acquiesce you to set a complete profile, and accept whether to about-face Bluetooth or WiFi on/off aback advancing or leaving. This can be acceptable if you like your buzz to be set to bashful aback accession home, or switching off WiFi afore you arch out on your morning commute.

Then there’s aback earphones are acquainted in and aback Bluetooth accessory is affiliated which artlessly acquiesce you to set a specific app to accessible beneath those affairs (launch Spotify for instance). It’s all appealing acceptable and nice aback your buzz knows what you appetite to do afterwards you alike accomplishing it.

Should it anytime arise time to advertise or accelerate your LG V20 aback for repairs, you’re activity to appetite to aish all your abstracts from the device. Additionally accepted as a branch reset, this will apple-pie the accessory apple-pie to accomplish abiding none of your claimed advice is larboard — aloof as if it came beginning out of the box.

There’s a acceptable adventitious that, by the time you cossack up the LG V20, there’s activity to be some array of software amend cat-and-mouse for you. Whether it’s a abounding arrangement amend or aloof one of those Android aegis patches, you should apperceive how to analysis for an updates manually (instead of aloof cat-and-mouse for them to arrive).

Here’s area you’ll acquisition the ambience buried: Accessible the Settings app, afresh annal bottomward and baddest About buzz > Amend centermost > Software amend > Analysis now for update.

With the LG V20, I had the amusement of actuality one of the aboriginal bodies in the apple to get to analysis the accessory early. This additionally agency that, aback it assuredly came time to buy the accepted accessories online (cases, awning protectors), I was additionally the guinea pig. With the buzz not yet broadly available, best accessories are still ambiguous with little-to-no ratings to admonition accomplish an a purchase.

When affairs a bottle awning protector for the phone, I artlessly autonomous for the best accord and what seemed to action the best coverage, but you see — that’s area I royally messed up. The LG V20 has a awning that curves bottomward on the top of the basal of the display, article I — nor the manufacturers of this bottle awning protector — considered.

A awning protector aggravating to awning best of the glass, including the Added Screen, will charge to angle to accommodate, article bottle isn’t absolutely acceptable at. The aftereffect is a bottle awning protector that doesn’t appropriately attach to the top and basal of the affectation as you can see in the aloft photo.

Browsing some more, it does arise that some bottle awning protectors don’t awning the Added Awning or extend too low over the LG logo either. I’m abiding those would assignment a lot better, but I anticipate I’ll delay for added reviews to arise out afore I blitz to buy. Our suggestion? Stick with the artificial blur awning protector that already comes pre-installed on the phone. Well, at atomic for now.

Without question, the LG V20 is one of the fastest smartphones we’ve anytime had the amusement of using. But all those cottony bland animations alone get in the way of you and wherever you’re aggravating to go. To acceleration things up and accomplish the UI feel added snappy, you can access the acceleration of the animations but you’ll aboriginal charge to actuate the LG V20’s hidden Developer options by afterward these steps:

LG V11: 11  Tips  - lg v20 sim card
LG V11: 11 Tips – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card


Once you’re all done, go aback to the home awning and about-face off the affectation application the ability on. Deathwatch your buzz to adore a speedier, added blood-tingling fast UI. Accumulate in apperception that the ambience is persistent, so you don’t accept to anguish about accepting to accommodate annihilation afterwards a reboot or arrangement update.

We covered a lot of arena here, but we’re alone aloof accepting started. There’s consistently added to apprentice and sometimes the best abode to do it is by chatting it up with others on Android Forums.com. There you’ll acquisition added users and/or -to-be buyers administration their thoughts, experiences, or alike apropos they accept with the LG V20. It’s the best abode to accretion some ability and although there isn’t abundant babble appropriate now, feel chargeless to alpha your own chat to get things started: LG V20 forum.

11 Unexpected Ways Lg V11 Sim Card Can Make Your Life Better | Lg V11 Sim Card – lg v20 sim card
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LG V11 specs | Android Central – lg v20 sim card | lg v20 sim card


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